Displaces high-cost electricity from the grid


Provides heat for air and water


Enables renewables (solar) during utility interruptions


Always on and on-demand

The PowerPlant H24 is a combined heat and power unit that runs on natural gas or propane.

It reduces your electrical consumption from the grid by producing energy locally. It’s high efficiency and savings come from simultaneous production of heat and electricity.

It is more efficient than the grid by producing and increasing energy efficiency through running heating systems (space and water) and producing electricity simultaneously. If the power goes out, it continues to operate throughout the outage, in addition to still running your heating.

By performing heating and power functions simultaneously, PowerPlant H24 increases the output of the fuel used. The result is clean, dependable, and inexpensive energy compared to the frail, inefficient electric grid. This leads to energy savings, increased efficiency, power outage resiliency, and a lower carbon footprint versus the grid.

Money Savings

– Lowers electric bill
– Co-generation
– Efficient
– Localized energy


– Always on
– Enables renewables


– Renewable Friendly
– Uses clean natural gas or propane
– Can lower carbon footprint

The PowerPlant HA65 is a combined cooling, heat and power unit. In addition to producing heat and power, the HA65 also runs your air conditioning through an on-board compressor. The engine driven compressor runs refrigerant through the condenser and air handlers, displacing electricity that would normally drive the AC/heat pump’s electric compressor. This unit is designed to run through commands in the thermostat of the building. The HA65 is also always on in the event the power goes out.