Behind the Build: A Look Inside the PowerPlant H24

December 1, 2022

Look inside the PowerPlant H24 micro-CHP unit at its engine.

Building the PowerPlant H24 micro-Combined Heat and Power (micro-CHP or mCHP) unit for use as a prime, sustainable power source starts with sound supply chain strategies and optimized manufacturing principles. At GRIDIRON, we believe that innovative technology with the power to improve our energy structure should be grounded in sound engineering and manufacturing processes.

Success Starts with Sourcing

A vast majority of the components used for the PowerPlant H24 is directly sourced from Tier 1 suppliers.

What are Tier 1 Suppliers?

In the supply chain, Tier 1 suppliers are production partners that the manufacturer works with directly. GRIDIRON’s relationships with its Tier 1 suppliers facilitate improved lead times and reduced costs to the customer. Through those relationships, GRIDIRON optimizes the combined supply chain system and ensures quality through the value chain.

GRIDIRON’s network of Tier 1 suppliers is also a highly valuable technical resource that enables reductions in component count and assembly time. This shared knowledge leads to improvements in the PowerPlant H24 technology and quick response to customer needs.

Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

GRIDIRON’s PowerPlant H24 manufacturing system implements lean manufacturing principles that meet high-quality standards.

Lean manufacturing is a set of production principles meant to minimize waste and labor, increase sustainability, and reduce costs while maintaining strict quality control. When correctly implemented, lean manufacturing reduces waste, improves efficiency, and builds sustainability.

Meeting Quality Standards

Combining strong sourcing strategies, lean manufacturing principles, and quality management standards, GRIDIRON’s PowerPlant H24 micro-CHP is the reliable, sustainable, powerful alternative that commercial customers can depend on.

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